2nd Suffolk Endurance Challenge at Euston Park, 27th July

The second year of this event, to work Suffolk Punches in harness, under the care of Fred Barralet of Rossdale & Partners veterinary surgeons of Newmarket. Held on the Euston Estate, the horses are timed around a 5-mile course through the estate.

This year was held in temperate conditions, pleasant temperature and a medium wind, in contrast to the still heat and humidity last year.

These are my photographs of the event, the competitors and the prize giving. There's even one photo of "Louis Bleriot" landing his machine at Euston Park...

 You can view and download a high resolution copy if you note the number of the photo and follow the following link: http://www.warwickparksuffolks.com/photos/2009/Euston Park Suffolk Endurance Challenge

Please note, contact info@warwickparksuffolks.com if you wish to use the photographs for commercial purposes.

©Andrew Lucas, 2009