2009 Royal Norfolk Show, 2nd July

My first Royal Norfolk Show, one of the classic English agricultural shows, and one that has for many years run Suffolk Horse classes.The Royal Norfolk made up for missing this year's Suffolk Show.

Thursday 2nd July turned out to be perfect summer weather – clear skies, warm and with a gentle easterly breeze.

The Suffolk classes were on in the Waveney Ring in the morning, with the turn-outs and main parade in the Main Ring in the afternoon.Brilliant weather, warm with a pleasant breeze. Many Suffolks to be seen in hand and turn-outs. Apologies for the number of photographs, hopefully you'll find one of your horse.

You can view and download a high resolution copy if you note the number of the photo and follow the following link: http://www.warwickparksuffolks.com/photos/2009/Royal_Norfolk_Show

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©Andrew Lucas, 2009